docs   The Vision

Lilongwe will offer City Residents and businesses, quality and reliable infrastructure, services and facilities within a well planned City. Lilongwe City Council will lead and govern within the context of an enabling participatory environment to ensure a shared future.


 forum-support The Mission

Self reliant city with equal opportunities and yet environmentally and technologically driven.


 install The Mandate

To make policy and decisions on local governance and development for the City
To consolidate and promote local democratic participation    
To promote infrastructural and economic development through formulation, approval and execution of the Lilongwe City Development Plan/CDS
To mobilise resources within and outside the City for governance and development purposes
To maintain peace and security in the City in conjunction with the National Police Service
To make bylaws that facilitates its functions
To appoint, develop, promote and discipline its staff
To cooperate with other councils to learn from their experiences and exchange ideas
To perform other functions such as registration of births and deaths and participate in the delivery of essential services as may be prescribed in the act of Parliament.

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