The Legal Section is within the Directorate of Administration and provides the relevant services across all directorates. It is currently a small section comprising only of four officers. It is headed by the Legal Services Manager who is assisted by the Assistant Legal officer, a Secretary and an office Assistant.

The section provides a number of Legal and Administrative related services to the institution and its personnel and to members of the general public. The main functions and services the section provides includes providing legal advise and guidance on all legal issues and providing legal representation in court and other tribunals in either defending or prosecuting cases on behalf of Lilongwe City Council. This includes dealing with such cases as are under the office of the Ombudsman, the Labour office of the Ministry of labour, claims to the workers compensation commission, appeals under the Town and Country Planning Board and the Licensing Appeals Tribunal under the liquor Act, and all to the processing s judicial in nature.

In addition to the above are functions, the section also provides drafting services drafting leases, tenancy agreements and other contract to which the Lilongwe City Council is a party. All transfers of property and consents on property to which Lilongwe City Council is a party are processed by the section.

Finally, section oversees all a process on by-laws initiation, drafting, approvals and reviews. In conjuction with the Directorate of Finance and other Directorates, the legal Section also has a paramount role in debt collection.

In case there is a question or assistance that one may require, the section may be consulted and it will duly render its assistance.





The section falls under the Directorate of Administration and is headed by Legal Services Manager

i)          Mr Yasin Maoni – Legal Services Manager

ii)         Mr Alickson Msukwa – Assistant Legal Officer

iii)        Miss Louisa Mabel Mphepo – Personal Secretary

iv)        Miss Maggie Matola – Messenger



i)         To representing the Council in Courts of law

ii)        To provide Legal advice to the Council

iii)       To prepare contracts, leases, consents, tenancy agreements

iv        To prepare and interpret the by laws within the Council

v)        To assist in debt collection



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