Department of Engineering Services is one of the departments within Lilongwe City Council, which is headed by the Director of Engineering Services also known as the City Engineer. In his department he is responsible for six (6) sections, namely Sewage, Building, Mechanical, Fire, Roads and Electrical sections.

He is seconded by two deputies, and the Chief Fire Officer, who is responsible for fire rescue services. Of the two deputies, one is responsible for Roads, Buildings and Sewage, while the other is responsible for Electrical and Mechanical sections. These sections are closely related and function as one unit within the department.


Each section is managed by a sectional head; and responsible in the following areas:



Lilongwe City Council manages four (4) waste water treatment plants namely; Kauma Sewage Treatment Plant, Kanengo Industrial Treatment Plant, Cold Storage Treatment Plant, and Lumbadzi Sewage Treatment Plant. The sewage section is responsible for operations and maintenance of the treatment plants.

Such operations and maintenance may include but not limited to;

  • Clearing of blockages
  • Rehabilitation of sewer lines
  • Monitoring and assisting with new sewer line connections
  • Monitoring waste water quality
  • Inspecting sewer networks

Kauma Sewage Treatment Plant;

This plant our biggest treatment plant in Lilongwe and it has a network of more than 60km. The current loading capacity of the plant is 6100M­­3/day, however this is expected to be increased to 15600m 3/day when the future extension plans are completed.

The plant serves the following areas 1,2,4,6,9,11,13,18A&B,19,20,30,32 and 33 among others.

Kauma Sewage Treatment Plant


The section mainly deals with maintenance of the City Council fleet and repairs of all City Properties to do with Mechanical Services. The section has its base in Area 4 Old town popularly known as Works Yard.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance is mainly in two categories; namely Preventive maintenance (Routine service) and break down maintenance. Values of preventive maintenance include; reduced cost for loss of production, Improved vehicle reliability and decreased down time.

Break down maintenance on the other hand is carried out when there is a system failure. This is done with due diligence so as to ensure continuity.

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