Health Inspectorate

Its major role is to ensure a clean and sanitary environment.  This sub-section is mainly involved in,

    • The inspection of commercial, industrial and residential premises; to check if they comply with the minimum health standards.
    • Inspection of food commodities.
    • Business licensing; among others.


Water and Sanitation

Its major role is to promote sanitation and the provision of potable water supplies; especially in the peri-urban areas.  Promote sanitation and especially in peri-urban areas in construction of temporary toilets and VIP toilets in public places.

Provision of portable water supplies in water supply we work in partnership with Water Aid through Water Users Association.


Health Education and Infectious Diseases Control

Its major role is to impart health knowledge and skills to the citizen so that they are able to assist themselves.  Also to prevent and control the spreading of communicable / infectious diseases. 


Pest Control

Controlling of pests which are of public health significance. Specifically the sub-section is involved in spraying against pests (on chargeable basis) and clearing rivers , streams and drains so as to prevent/control snails and mosquito breeding .



Its major role is to provide maternal and child health care services.  This section conducts under five clinics, antenatal clinics, family planning clinics and nutrition clinics.


Social Welfare Services

The social welfare arm of the directorate of Health and Social welfare services has the broad function of providing welfare services to disadvantaged groups through the functional areas of family and child welfare, child protection, Education support etc. Service offered in this section are based on the belief that human beings have the potential to improve their livelihood given a conducive environment and enabling policy environment. To fully achieve this broad objective, highlighted below are the Core programs and Activities in the section being pursued in the section:

(a). Early Childhood Development Programme.

Improve capacities of families to provide adequate stimulation, care, development and protection to the child.

Conduct routine inspections and recommend for licensing all Early Childhood Development Centers in the city to ensure their adherence to proper hygienic and sanitary requirement and improve the social and learning environments for children.

(b). Education Support to Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (Bursary)

Administration of the Education Support to Orphans and other vulnerable children, OVC (with grant support from National Aids Commission, NAC). Support needy children so as to enable access quality education.

(c). Training and Capacity building

Training members of Community based organisations, CBOs, Faith based organisations, FBOs and local NGOs on multiple Social issues (i.e Psychosocial, Life skills, ECD, Child Rights, Gender based Violence etc).

(d). Generic Social Work

Work with various disadvantaged groups (Disabled, aged, Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, street children) linking them with multiple service providers to improve their welfare. 

Active and effective member of the City HIV/ Aids Coordinating Committee. Organising and implementing various activities with communities and stakeholders in the city response to HIV and AIDS.

Active and effective member of the City Proposal Review Committee, reviewing proposals from CBOs/ FBOs and local NGOs in the city for possible funding.   

Assist communities with child protection issues and sit on advisory committees of a number organizations in the city which protect children against all forms of abuses and sexual exploitation.

(e). Adult Literacy Programme

Implementation of the functional literacy program in the townships and especially in the peri-     urban areas of the city where illiteracy is rampart. Adult literacy classes are established in the townships and learners are taught using the “Reflect methodology.”

(f). Home Economics Programme

Home craft workers have been very instrumental in assisting households in the townships in improving family welfare with a number of innovations and best practices in home economics.



Treating patients at the Staff Clinic and Chinsapo Clinic.  The Staff Clinic will open very soon.



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