The HIV/AIDS Section of the Lilongwe City Council is a section that was established to spearhead the coordination of HIV/AIDS activities in the City of Lilongwe as well as to lead in the coordination of HIV/AIDS workplace programmes at the Council. 


Background to the City AIDS Co-ordinator's office

Due to the multi faceted nature of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, an effective institutional framework for the national HIV/AIDS response requires a multi sectoral approach, which includes partnerships between government and all relevant stakeholders, including the private sector, community based and non-governmental organisations (CBOs and NGOs), trade unions, faith based organisations (FBOs) and people living with HIV/AIDS. To be effective, there is a need for proper coordination, management and monitoring and evaluation of all HIV/AIDS interventions at all levels.  Hence the need for a City AIDS Coordinating Office at the Council.

At district/City level, the increasing number of the players joining in the fight against HIV/AIDS, plus the complexity of the issues to be addressed makes the task of coordinating very challenging, enormous, requiring special skills and full time attention.

Regionally based Umbrella Organizations currently receive support from NAC to coordinate, manage and support (by channelling funds from NAC) the sub- national response to HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS Coordinator’s office is designed to provide capacity building support to the City Council. It is designed to work closely and collaboratively with the local Umbrella Organization in all their activities.



Responsibilities of the AIDS Coordinator:

    • Coordinating the multisectoral response of HIV/AIDS at district level and ensure that all stakeholders at district level work towards achieving government objective as stipulated on policies and guidelines. 
    • Serving as secretary of the Development Committee when HIV/AIDS is on the agenda.
    • The District/City AIDS coordinator is also a permanent member (ex-officio) of the Development Committee.
    • The office ensures that the district has a comprehensive operational HIV/AIDS specific work-plan that covers all components of HIV/AIDS, for example prevention, advocacy, capacity building, care, support, monitoring and evaluation.
    • Provides linkages among the district, Umbrella Organization and National AIDS Commission on issues of HIV/AIDS.
    • Supports all Assembly Ministries and Departments, Private sector and Civil Society organizations working at district level in mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and gender into their core business.
    • Facilitates networking and exchange programmes within the district/City. Ensures that district/City carries out trainings on HIV/AIDS issues to its service providers.
    • Serving as the secretary to the City AIDS Coordinating Committee (CACC) and ensure that CACC is operational. Ensures that the capacity building needs of the City Council with regards to its HIV/AIDS activities are identified and work with stakeholders to find appropriate assistance.
    • Managing and coordinating the HIV and AIDS activities of the City. The office is also responsible for monitoring, evaluation and reporting to the City Council on the district/City HIV/AIDS response.  


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