The Directorate of Planning and Development is the backbone of Lilongwe City Council, and is key to the growth and development of the City of Lilongwe. Through the Directorate of Planning and Development, the Council undertakes land use planning and development as well as provision of land for residential settlements to the low income residents of the City. The name of Directorate of Planning and Development was adopted in 1998 following the Local Government act of 1998. Previously, it was called Department of City Planning and Estates Management



The purpose/mandate of the Directorate of Planning and Development is to manage the physical and socio-economic development of the Council.



  • The functions of the directorate are executed within the confines of its three (3) Divisions which include:
        • The provision of Town Planning Services.
        • The provision Economic Planning Services.
        • The provision of Land Management Services.


  • The directorate has three (3) divisions through which it delivers its services namely:
        • Economic Planning Division.
        • Town Planning Division.
        • Land Management Division.
  • The functions for the Economic Planning Division include:
        • The provision of socio-economic planning services.
        • The mobilization of project finances.
        • Management of community based projects.
        • The provision of monitoring and evaluation services.
  • The functions of the Town Planning Division include:
        • The provision of survey services.
        • Provision of zoning services.
        • The provision of cartographic services.
        • The provision of plot demarcation services.
        • Forward planning.
        • The provision of policy direction on planning matters.
        • The provision of development control services.
        • The provision of building inspectorate services.
  • The Land Management Division is responsible for:
        • The provision of and management of traditional housing areas.
        • Coordination of squatter upgrading services.
        • The provision of valuation services.









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