Issues from Directorate of Planning & Development


  1. Master Development Plan for the City of Lilongwe: 2010-2030.
      • The Lilongwe City Council formulated the Master Development Plan for the City of Lilongwe in 2010 with support of JICA Study Team. Some of the issues highlighted in the Master Plan include the following:
                  • The Project on Capacity Development of Urban Plan and Development Management of City of Lilongwe.
                  • The Project on Improvement of Land Registration Management.
                  • The Project on Strengthening of Land Registration System.
                  • The Plans for Urban Renewal (improvement) in Unplanned Settlements


2.   Draft Urban Structure Plan/ Outline Zoning Scheme.

3.   Development of GIS management system and review/development of building guidelines.

4.   Urban Profile for the City of Lilongwe.


5.  Procedures for acquiring a plot for a house/business.

          • Submit a formal application through use of prescribed forms.
          • The application is included on the waiting list pending consideration by Plot Allocation Committee.
          • Obtain plot ownership documents.

The current system for provision of plots is done through a Plot Allocation Committee (PAC). PAC comprises technical officers, independent and elected members (councillors). PAC’s roles include allocation of plots, enforcement of offer covenants or agreements and plot dispute resolution. The main criteria for allocation of plots to people include income levels; whether or not the applicant holds another plot in the city; age and/or head of household; Malawian citizenship; and length of residence in the city. All applications for plots are done on prescribed forms.

For more details, call Room 310 or 313, Civic Offices.


6.   Procedures for obtaining Council plot documents by way of regularization.

          • Submit an application for regularization.
          • Arrange for site inspection.
          • Wait for consideration by Plot Allocation Committee.
          • Obtain plot ownership documents.

For more details, call Room 310 or 313, Civic Offices.


7.   Procedures for obtaining permit for construction or development within City of Lilongwe.

          • Prepare development plans.
          • Complete and submit a formal application in form of four (4) sets of building plans.
          • Pay scrutiny fees.
          • Wait for consideration by Technical Sub- Committee and Town Planning Committee (meets monthly).
          • Obtain notice of decision and building permit.

The approval or planning permit is required for any form of development, advertisement and subdivision of land within the city. This is in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act (1988).

For more details, call Room 312, Civic Offices.


8.   Procedures for use or occupation of buildings.

          • Submit an application for use or occupation of building (forms obtainable in Room 210).
          • Pay application fee.
          • Wait for Occupation Certificate Inspection Team’s visit.
          • Obtain occupation certificate.

Occupation certificate is issued prior to use or occupation of a building or house.

For more details, call Room 210 or 312, Civic Offices.

9.     Procedures for water or electricity connection.

          • Submit application form to Room 310 or 313.
          • Obtain signed letter of approval.
          • Return form to Lilongwe Water Board or ESCOM.

The Council endorses or vets applications for utilities to ensure orderliness in the City by reticulating only properly designated areas.

For more details, call Rooms 300B, 310, or 313 Civic Offices.



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