Lilongwe City Council is a local authority established under the Local Government Act of 1998 and as amended in Chapter 22:01 of the Laws of Malawi(2010). The Act clearly lays down the objectives and functions of the Council.In Summary, the Council is a public Institution responsible for delivery of services to its citizenry.



To become a city that offers its residents and businesses, quality and reliable infrastructure, services and facilities within a well-planned city and that the City Council should lead within a context of an enabling participatory environment to ensure a shared future.




In order to ensure an improvement on the service delivery efficiency, in 2010, the Lilongwe City Council formulated its City Development Strategy(CDS) which was also the first of its kind in Malawi.The Lilongwe CDS was developed based on the five Thematic areas namely; Governance, Land and Shelter, Community development, Infrastructure and Services and Economic development. The formulation process was initiated in July 2007 after Lilongwe participated at a City Future Workshop in Johannesburg. The Strategy which is currently under implementation was launched by Malawi Government on February 12, 2010 at Cross-Roads Hotel, Lilongwe.


In support of implementation of the Strategy, the City Council had to institute a range of institutional measures that would ensure that the strategy was effectively implemented and managed and City Development Strategy Unit had to be established in the office of the Chief Executive.



  • The main function of the unit is to coordinate implementation of the City Development Strategy by both the City.
  • The Unit facilitates preparation of the City Council Score-card and business plans and monitors their implementation.
  • CDS Unit also support preparation of the Bi-annual briefing sheet to be published in the local news papers, on LCC Website and to be distributed as pamphlets reporting progress made in the implementation of the CDS.
  • Assist with the funding and resource identification for implementing the CDS.
  • The CDS Unit, while in the office of the Chief Executive provides linkage between City Council and the outside world on all CDS related matters.
  • The unit is also responsible for the populisation of the City Development Strategy.



City Development Strategy Unit is headed by the CDS Operations Manager. Other staffs include two CDS project Officers, an Administrative Officer and one office Assistant/Messenger. Currently, the Unit is understaffed with only one member of staff working.





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